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PEPY Ride X from the eyes of a rider

Guest post by Megan Skinner. In January 2014, a small group of dusty cyclists rolled into The Vine resort near Kep, having just completed the PEPY Ride IX. I was one of them. In January 2015, a larger, and somehow even dustier, group of cyclists tipped up at the same …

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Interested in the challenge of a lifetime? Keen on pushing yourself to new limits, all the while learning new things and having great fun? If the answer to these questions is yes then the PEPY Ride X could be for you! The PEPY Ride is an annual 1,000km fundraising cycling …

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The 9th annual PEPY Ride has come to a sweat-soaked and satisfying end. Participants have zipped across Cambodia, experienced Khmer culture, and learned about international development. Plus they’ve raised a whopping $7,500 to support PEPY’s youth empowerment programs. Way to go, PEPY Riders! It all started in 2004, when Daniela …

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Guest post from PEPY Tours: PEPY Reader favorites from 2012

On all of our PEPY Tours adventures, we ask our participants to do a little reading from time to time. We introduce articles on a variety of different topics – ranging from the Khmer Rouge trials and education in Cambodia to community development and responsible tourism globally – and then …

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Do you wanna ride with us? YES!

The PEPY Ride is the annual cross-Cambodia adventure organised by PEPY Tours. It covers about 1000 kms in a little less than three weeks. Last year I took part in this great adventure and wanted to share some of my highlights. The most memorable experience would have to be meeting …

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When the Going Gets Tough – A Tale From PEPY Tours

Read a touching piece from PEPY Tours participant, Hanna Homfeld, who joined us from Texas a few months ago. She reflects on how feeling sick and then being cared for helped her have a new look at humanity upon her return home. Thank you Hanna for sharing this story! March …

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PEPY Ride VI Trailer

Check out this video of moments during the PEPY Ride VI, created by Conor, a participant of the tour. Thanks, Conor!

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PEPY Ride in its 6th Year!

Sugar cane juice stops, coconut breaks, and noodle soup lunches fuelled our tired legs during this year’s PEPY Ride. This year marked PEPY’s sixth year of conducting the PEPY Ride—an adventure travel and learning experience powered by legs, determination, and a desire to experience Cambodia through a different lens. This …