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PEPY Ride X from the eyes of a rider

Guest post by Megan Skinner. In January 2014, a small group of dusty cyclists rolled into The Vine resort near Kep, having just completed the PEPY Ride IX. I was one of them. In January 2015, a larger, and somehow even dustier, group of cyclists tipped up at the same …

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Improve yourself, improve the world: The 7 Habits

At PEPY, we are committed to our unending potential for improvement. Not just in our programs, but also in developing our people. Staff training is one of the key ways in which we constantly upgrade our skills and improve our competency as educators. I am the Communications & Fundraising volunteer …

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Words of wisdom from the PEPY family

If you know PEPY well, then you know that we love quotes! We share them around the office and with new friends we meet to inspire each other. We compiled a collection of quotes from current and past PEPY staff and volunteers that can be shared with your friends and …