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Rethinking Volunteer Travel

International volunteering has grown in popularity, and with so many people going abroad to “serve”, we worry that we are often forgetting a really important step: we have to learn before we can help. If we don’t research our options thoroughly, understand the context and culture of the communities we …

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To translate or not to translate?

A quick explanation of the choices we’re making about language. At PEPY HQ, we have had many discussions about translating our communications into Khmer (or occasionally the other way round). Previously we have spent time, effort and money translating every monthly newsletter into Khmer, and translating every report we produce. …

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The future for Child Clubs and Young Leader Clubs

PEPY’s Child Clubs (also known as Child-to-Child) began in 2008 to support local solutions for community issues through youth-led action. In 2011, Young Leader Clubs were also established to cater for older youth who still wanted a forum outside of school to learn new things and discuss important issues in …

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Did you know . . . Cambodia is growing!

While Cambodia is a fast-developing country, many people may not be aware of how quickly Cambodia has grown in recent years.  Since 2011, the country has seen a 25% increase in tourism, which amounts to 3,584,307 million visitors in 2012. With this extraordinary growth, people may question the development of …

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The KhmerTalks in Siem Reap

The KhmerTalks in Siem Reap The latest KhmerTalks took place on March 3rd in Siem Reap. Khmer Talks consists of a series of seminars by different speakers, addressing important topics related to skills required in professional and personal life. The speakers also talk about how they achieved their current position. …

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PEPY Coverage in the Press

We are thrilled to the toes about all the media coverage PEPY has received in the last few months. Much thanks to all the PEPY champions who make this possible! ..SPACER.. Wild Asia: Chuah Ee Chia describes her first-hand experiences with PEPY. Join the conversation on responsible tourism! The Phnom …

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The Power of 10

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Power of 10 10 dollars, 10 friends, 10 days 10.10.10 Siem Reap, Cambodia, October 4, 2010 – 30 years ago, a group called the Khmer Rouge tried a social experiment, and started a chain reaction that killed more than 1.5 million Cambodians. In 2010, PEPY is …

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PEPY in Woman Magazine!

Read about PEPY’s educational programs in Dubai’s Woman Magazine! Read about PEPY's educational programs in Dubai's Woman Magazine!  Click here to read the article.

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Beyond Profit

The most recent issue of Beyond Profit Magazine features an article about scale written by Daniela Papi, PEPY’s Executive Director. Click here to read Daniela’s article or visit Beyond Profit’s website to subscribe to their social enterprise magazine. On their site they also have a blog featuring interesting social ventures and ideas …