We realize that we will not be successful if we decide on the goals for our work in Kralanh. Instead, we need to work with local leadership in achieving the visions they have for their own community. We spent five years assisting local teachers, community members, and administrators, by providing the tools they needed to improve the quality of education in the area, and we now work with local youth in achieving the dreams they have for themselves and their communities.


Youth Leadership

  • Volunteers for Community Development (VCD) was founded by students who attributed the inspiration behind it to their time studying with PEPY*. More than 50 members offered English classes in 20 locations across the commune, and conducted environmental workshops, which won them a number of awards for their work.
  • Throughout our programs, young people regularly demonstrate the capacity and incentive to transfer their knowledge to younger children, or weaker students.
  • Young people attending our programs are noted to be confident individuals who talk to their friends, teachers, and community members in order to gather information, and address issues in their community.

Additional learning opportunities

  • Between 2009-2014, PEPY* provided extra-curricular classes fostering critical thinking, analytical skills and problem-solving skills to over 300 students studying at Chanleas Dai Junior High School.
  • The English Classes in Chanleas Dai Junior High School have marked students above their peers in terms of language ability when moving onto High School.
  • Additional learning clubs have introduced students to concepts such as design, architecture, engineering and programming – ideas otherwise not covered by the regular school curriculum.
  • Exposure to XO and PC computers used in PEPY* projects ensures students at Chanleas Dai Junior High School are more technology-literate than their peers.
  • Mentorship projects and exam preparation classes have contributed to a 10% increase of the number of grade 9 students passing the end of year exam.

Literacy training and resources

  • Through the efforts of PEPY* and the Chanleas Dai community, the primary school library has become a Cambodian Ministry of Education model of excellence and is visited on field trips for new librarians from across the country.
  • Monthly book lending figures in the library increased from 50 in 2006 to over 2,000 by 2009.
  • Chanleas Dai School incorporated two hours of library lessons per week into the curriculum, and after training for all local teachers was conducted, teachers were enabled to use the resources on a regular basis.
  • Over 15,000 books have been distributed to 50 classrooms and two libraries, through our Classroom Library project.
  • 16 teachers from eight schools received training for effective use of books within the curriculum – an initiative which has been adopted by schools without PEPY*support.
  • PEPY* supported students and staff to create dozens of books, with five Khmer early reader books having been published and distributed.
  • Summer Literacy Camps have provided training for over 70 teachers, and educational opportunities for over 700 students.

Teacher training

  • Over a ten year period PEPY* has funded trainings for all teachers in the Chanleas Dai commune, on topics such as early literacy education, math skills, and a variety of grade-level based courses conducted by both PEPY* staff, and the Siem Reap Provincial Office of Education.
  • Teacher training and English tuition for teachers was provided at six government schools on a bi-weekly basis, which enabled the implementation of English classes for children in Grade 5 and 6.
  • Through a selective process, PEPY* partnered with three school support committees and offered ongoing training in effective teaching, and learning, to individual teacher support. This training has reached 39 government teachers and three community substitute teachers.

Access to education

  • PEPY* has constructed four primary, and two lower secondary schools, along with accompanying wells and latrines. In total these have served over 1,700 students.
  • Over a period of five years, 400 bicycles were distributed to students through merit, and need-based, scholarships.


Supporting other organizations

  • PEPY* has delivered trainings on the Child-to-Child model to Handicap International, VSO, and Oxfam to support the implementation of their projects in Cambodia.
  • Through support from P.R.I.D.E. Cambodia, we received 200 XO laptops from One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) and received training from P.R.I.D.E. on how to implement computer education classes. After implementing the programs ourselves, PEPY* put this training to further use by conducting trainings and support for organizations around the country in using these XO computers.
  • The English Teacher Training Program developed by PEPY* has been featured in a Cambodian English conference, where the PEPY* team was able to educate others on the model.


Supporting local leadership

  • Project management, education law, and school development training has supported the work of School Support Committees (SSCs) at three primary schools, and enabled 33 community members to better advocate for school needs.
  • Leadership trainings have been conducted for principals, from 10 schools, in line with the Ministry of Education standards.


Scholarship Students

Our goal is to increase the number of Kralanh graduates accessing skilled employment. We are confident that in time the scholarship students who we work with will achieve this, and will in turn create a ripple effect within their communities in Kralanh.

The Scholarship students have achieved great results in their studies. All students who were granted a scholarship in 2013 successfully passed their first year exams and are now starting year two. Similarly, the two students who were awarded a scholarship in 2012 have achieved excellent grades and are currently in their third year of studies.

Almost 100% of current Scholarship students are previous Dream Class students.


You can read about our pioneering scholarship students, who were enrolled in 2012, here:

*Up until January 2015 PEPY Empowering Youth was known as PEPY, read more about our localization change here.

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