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The PEPY Empowering Youth team believes that successful and sustainable programs can only happen when local leadership is the driving force behind program development. All of the PEPY Empowering Youth management team and Board of Directors are based in Cambodia, which means decisions are made on the ground, with Cambodian leadership driving program development.

PEPY Empowering Youth staff are provided with on-the-job skills training and are offered scholarship funding to allow them to pursue higher-level education. Currently our team is comprised of eight Cambodians, one international employee, and several skilled volunteers from across the world. If you are interested in joining the PEPY Empowering Youth team, take a look at our current opportunities.


Office team:
Sarakk Rith – Executive Director
Sarakk started as PEPY’s English Teacher before becoming a Senior Program Manager and then Executive Director, a position he has held since 2015. Sarakk is enthusiastic about improving the quality of education in Cambodia, especially giving young people the opportunity to grow their potential. When he was young, he faced a lot of challenges in getting education, so he wants to make sure that other students won’t face the same situation as he did.

He has considerable experience in Project Management in the Education field. Before PEPY, he also worked for 6 months at Samaritan’s Purse International as the Education Project in Banteay Meanchey Province. In 2012, when he was the Sr. Program Manager at PEPY, he led and conducted research to find out the community needs in PEPY’s target areas, particularly in the education sector. Sarakk then worked with the rest of the team and the community to develop new programs which are active until now.

Sarakk has been involved with a wide array of trainings, educational initiatives, and conferences throughout Cambodia, as well as in the USA, Ireland, Vietnam, and Laos. Sarakk finished his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Build Bright University in early 2016.



Kimsru Duth – Program Manager
Kimsru has been working with PEPY for four years. As Program Manager, Kimsru is very lucky to work with a very passionate team to empower young Cambodians and inspire them to dream big and become role models in their communities.

Kimsru was selected to join Young Southeast Asia Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) program in Montana and Washington D.C, USA, the YSEALI Submit in Malaysia and YSEALI TIES in Thailand, as well as joining panel discussion with the Obama Foundation in Singapore. She met with many young emerging leaders from all around the world to discuss about common challenges and proposed sustainable solutions.

Education has made a difference in her life; hence Kimsru strongly believes that it does the same for others. While inspiring students to work hard for higher education, Kimsru never forgets about her own goal of completing a graduate degree in her own field of interest. Her dream is bring positive impacts to society. Through access to better quality of education, young Cambodians will have better quality of lives. Kimsru received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the Asian University for Women (Bangladesh), and her master’s in International Development, Environment and Conflict from Dublin City University in Ireland.


Konnitha Sien  – Finance and Admin Manager
KonnithaKonnitha is originally from Phnom Penh but moved to Siem Reap in 2005. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in Finance and Banking at University of South East Asia in Siem Reap Province. Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s degree in Accounting.

She has been working with PEPY Empowering Youth for over 7 years in the Finance and Accounting Department and 3 years in Administration Department, and is also part of PEPY’s Management Team. She ensures that resources are effectively and efficiently used to achieve organizational goals and objectives and financial transparency of programs. In addition to overseeing all accounts and financial transactions and documents, she also manages human resources to ensure that staff have proper working documents.


Kaia Smith – Communications & Fundraising Officer

Kaia is the newest member of PEPY’s staff, and comes with various experiences in educational equality initiatives, social justice, and program management in the U.S., Ghana, and Thailand. Most recently, she received her master’s degree from the London School of Economics in Inequalities and Social Science, where she learned about global issues in labor markets and fair representation of disadvantaged groups in the media. She is excited to apply her knowledge of these topics at PEPY, where the larger problems in Cambodia like economic development and precarious migration are tackled fundamentally through education and individual empowerment.

So far, Kaia has appreciated the genuine and caring support that each PEPY staff member provides and receives from one another. Her team passionately cares about the work they do, which visibly motivates students. She is happy to share about the progress and dedication of students and the myriad of activities they are involved in – they are all such dynamic, kind, and driven individuals, which makes her job quite enjoyable!

In her free time, Kaia likes reading, playing her flute, petting cats, and now, seeking out shade and fans.


Sokpheaktra Thy  – Accounting Assistant
SokpheaktraSokpheaktra’s parents are farmers, and they are from Kralanh. They have worked hard to earn money to support their children and their education. Sokpheaktra received a scholarship from PEPY in 2013 to study Accounting at Vanda Institute Siem Reap, which she continues to pursue while working at PEPY.

She has noticed many changes in herself since her last year of high school, especially after having the challenge of simultaneously working and studying in Siem Reap. She is very happy to be able to use the knowledge she has gained, and hopes that she will continue to improve herself and her abilities.

“I’d like to give a million thanks to myself, my parents, relatives, PEPY, and friends who have supported me. I wouldn’t be here without everyone’s support.”


Sokhum Khik – Cleaner
SokhumSokhum lives in a village about 5 Km from Siem Reap town with 5 other family members. Due to the war in Cambodia she only studied until grade 3. However, she can read and write in Khmer very well. She was married at the age of 30 and has two sons and one daughter, ages 1, 10, and 18. She and her husband are working hard to financially support their children, “because I think only education can help my children have bright futures,” she says. She has been working as PEPY’s cleaner since 2014. She is very happy to be working at PEPY, because “all of the staff are friendly, kind, caring, and sharing, and they make a good environment.” She hopes PEPY will get more sponsors to help increase the level of education for Cambodian’s youth, which will improve the quality of human resources and allow them to be role models for the next generation in their communities.


Education program:
Savoeng Skut – Dream Management Project Officer

Savoeng is one of PEPY’s former scholarship students. After 2 years as a scholarship student with PEPY, Savoeng improved his English, computer skills and especially soft skill training. Moreover, he was involved in many projects with different NGOs. In 2015, he got the opportunity to join a Sustainability Development Workshop for one month in Hoi An, Vietnam.

As PEPY’s Dream Management Project Officer, Savoeng’s responsibilities include Dream Management planning and provision in Kralanh High School, Kralanh District, and also supporting the new Dream Project Officer in 28 January High School, Srei Snam District. Working collaboratively with the PEPY team, Savoeng leads Dream Project provision in both schools, for which his teamwork skills and ability to work independently and to start new initiatives are very useful.

Savoeng graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Management from Build Bright University (BBU), Siem Reap, Cambodia. At the moment, Savoeng is working really hard to improve his IELTS capacities in order to pursue his Master’s Degree in Ireland.


Dena By – Dream Management Project Officer
WatdDena’s responsibility as Dream Project Officer are, to her, an opportunity to change her own life and to help the people around her improve through education. She is excited about the improvements she has and will make by being a PEPY staff member and former Scholarship Program student: “my life is so better now because of education,” she says. She spends a lot of time visiting her students’ communities and homes in order to raise awareness of PEPY’s activities and to be aware of students’ contexts; she finds this very useful to learn more and to push parents to value and invest their support in education.

Dena finished her bachelor’s degree at Vanda Institute in Accounting. She is thankful to PEPY Staff and PEPY family for always supporting her, sharing with each other, and giving warm hearts all the time.


Channa Kev – Scholarship Project Officer
ChannaChanna, a former PEPY scholarship student, majored in Tourism and Hospitality Management at Build Bright University, Siem Reap. In 2015, he was given his first job at PEPY.

25-year-old Channa has two years of colorful experience working at PEPY Empowering Youth as a Scholarship Project Officer. His responsibilities are to select scholarship students, register them to study at universities or vocational trainings, and monitor and support scholars to live in a safe environment; he also provides soft-skill classes at PEPY’s Learning Center.

On the weekends, Channa likes playing soccer and working out. “This benefits my health and builds relationships with friends,” Channa said. Channa’s dream is to see his community grow. It pushes Channa to work harder at PEPY in order to contribute to young people having similar opportunities as him.


Kim Ann Khlang – Scholarship Project Assistant
KimannKim Ann is originally from a farming family in Kralanh, Siem Reap province. She is the youngest child and the only one who was able to pursue higher education through PEPY’s Scholarship Program. 2013-14, she attended Dream Class at Kralanh High School and was facilitated by Kimsru at that time. She was Kim Ann’s first impression of PEPY’s values and aspirations, and that year she learned about herself and society as a whole.

She then received the scholarship opportunity from PEPY in 2014. She attended PEPY’s Learning Center and the General English Program at ACE (Australian Center for Education), while pursuing a Tourism Management Degree at Build Bright University. After two years studying with those schools she was able to work and found a job at a tour company. She interned there as a Tour Operator, where she realized that the strengths and skills that supported her to handle my job skillfully and professionally were the impact of PEPY’s Scholarship Program. So she applied for the Scholarship Project Assistant position, which she received in 2016. Now, she helps provides living, academic, and social support to students, and facilitates some classes.
She says, “I feel satisfied with my job because I have chance to work with youth from my community and from similar backgrounds. They all are very creative, intelligent, energetic and hilarious. I learned so many things from my job. I am looking for learning opportunities to develop my ability and skills to move PEPY forward.” In the future, she hopes to pursue her master’s degree abroad.


Manin Oem – ICT and IT Coordinator
ManinManin was born in Kandal province. After graduating with a bachelor’s in Computer Science in 2008, he worked four years in Phnom Penh as an IT worker.

He joined PEPY in November 2012 where he used his IT skills to support the Communications Department and facilitated ICT lessons to PEPY Scholarship students with his knowledge about computers. He is proud to help younger generations to improve their technological capacities and help them get skilled jobs.
Manin is very motivated and driven in his work. He is focused, happy to help, keen to learn and takes responsibility of his tasks, producing high quality media and effective lessons for students. Manin is currently studying for a master’s degree in General Management at the University of South East-Asia.


Chhunnay Bin – ICT and IT Assistant

Chhunnay is from Kralanh (around 60 km from Siem Reap). He moved to Siem Reap in 2016 as a PEPY scholarship student to study law at the University of South-East Asia. He finished his studying in PEPY’s Learning Center in 2017. He then became a member of PEPY’s staff as ICT Assistant.

As a PEPY scholarship student, he gained English skills, soft skills, and computer skills, and volunteered by implementing a community project focused on raising awareness of the value of education. Chhunnay is very excited about his opportunity to have this job because he can use his skills to support Cambodian youth, and he hopes that he can help his community to increase its educational and technological capacities in the future. Although his major is different than his current field of work, he finds ways to connect the subjects and enjoy his work.


Soury Phonn – English Teacher

Soury was a PEPY scholarship student in 2014, and has been PEPY’s English Teacher since 2017. She loves her job, saying that “PEPY has guided me and shaped me to be a skilled teacher. PEPY aims to enhance staff capacity building by providing courses or trainings to ensure the staff are strong and enabled to teach and empower the students effectively.” She thoroughly appreciates the scholarship students in PEPY because they work really hard and are very active, and their progress gives her happiness. They are her motivation to work hard and develop effective methods to maximize learning and motivation.

“Working with them is a wonderful experience, and actually allows me to empower myself. I believe that all the commitment the students make will allow them to have successful lives in the future. And I strongly believe that PEPY will continue to help more young Cambodian people in the future.”


Board of Directors:

Nuch Kimline– Board Chair

Kimline Kimline has been the founder and director of ATCAM Consulting since 2015. Before that, she was the Executive Director of PEPY Empowering Youth. During her 7 years at PEPY, there were a lot of changes in organizational structure and strategies, which taught her how to be good leader, manager, and team member. Although these changes were not easy, they helped empower and motivate her. She was really happy and honored to hand over her role as ED to Sarakk, who was an amazing Senior Program Manager at PEPY at that time. She has no doubt about his passion, love, care, commitment, knowledge, skills, and capacity to lead the organization forward in positive way. She hopes that as Board Chair of PEPY she, along with the rest of the Board, can effectively support the organization and the team to move in the right direction and have a good impact on our communities, society, and nation.


Awatd – Vice Chair

Watd Awatd has been a board member at PEPY Empowering Youth 2013 now. She studied English at Pannasatra university of Cambodia and ended up with a bachelor’s degree of TESOL. She is currently working as a Consultant for Cambodia Living Arts Organization and provides training for young artists and scholarship students. She was also an education community development volunteer with Youth Star Cambodian Organization for twelve months in Prey Veng province.


Sopheap Doung – Treasurer

Sopheap Sopheap hails from Kralanh – PEPY Empowering Youth’s target area. She has been Human Resource Manager at Amansara – an exclusive 5* hotel in Siem Reap – since 2012. Prior to that, she was the Human Resource Manager at the Tara Angkor Hotel in Siem Reap, and for 3 years was also Accounts and Administration officer for the Wildlife Conservation Society in Siem Reap.


Samal Khath

Samal Mr. Samal is currently the Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Education Youth and Sports in Ratanakiri Province. He was the Senior Program Manager at PEPY Empowering Youth back in 2012. ‭His contribution to PEPY includes program management, documentation, establishing and improving relationships with local authority and government, workflow standardisation, leadership and understanding legal processes. Mr. Samal has a big heart for the PEPY team. He always visits PEPY whenever he is in Siem Reap. He has a good network both within government and NGO offices. He is also very knowledgeable about program development, an experience which he acquired from years of work with Care International.


Bunthann Kim

Bunthann Bunthann was born and grew up in Kralanh district – PEPY’s target area. He has a BA and MBA in Management and is currently branch manager for Ming Wuoy Group at “Pedro” in Siem Reap. Kim is also Co-Founder of the Cycling Community Club in Siem Reap – a group of like-minded individuals who run challenge bike rides to raise funds for social change projects. He is passionate about supporting rural young people and their communities and making a difference in their future.


Sarah Brown

Sarah Sarah has lived in Cambodia since 2011 when she joined PEPY Tours, a Siem Reap based social enterprise specialising in educational travel. With a background in education and a passion for exploring, designing and facilitating learning adventures was a natural fit for Sarah, who has now been working in educational travel for over 5 years. While living in Cambodia Sarah became acutely aware of the importance of ethical, responsible travel, and as such was a founding member the Learning Service movement, contributing to PDF and video guides. Sarah also appeared in The Voluntourist documentary, contributed to Adventures Less Ordinary, and continues to facilitate trainings on development education. In 2014 Sarah co-founded Ayana Journeys, where she gets to spend her days designing experiential adventures for visitors to Cambodia.