PEPY (Promoting Education, emPowering Youth) is a Cambodia-based education and youth-leadership non-profit organization. In the fight against economic inequality, high dropout rates, low awareness of the value of higher education, and illegal migration, PEPY aims to make Cambodian youth in rural areas aware of their own potential and career opportunities, and support them academically, financially, mentally, and physically.

In order to do this, PEPY provides Dream Management classes to high school students in our target areas, showcasing local job opportunities and required skills for the labor market, providing access to scholarship opportunities from many sources, and providing lessons on capacity building. In addition, PEPY’s Scholarship Program provides tuition, healthcare, mentoring, a living allowance, and access to the Learning Center to dedicated but financially disadvantaged students to pursue higher education in Siem Reap. The Learning Center is comprised of English, ICT (Information and Communications Technology), and soft skill classes, where students studying in Siem Reap have access to context-driven, critical-thinking-based instruction on areas that employers in Cambodia have noted to be the most important in potential employees, but which are lacking in most public education settings. Learning Center students also have the opportunity to build their creativity and physical health through music, art, writing, yoga, and football classes.

We are passionate, transparent, and open, and we empower youth to pursue a bright future, improve the quality of their lives, and achieve their dream careers. Dedicated local leaders, collaborations with other like-minded organizations, and our amazing network of supporters and donors help us realize our mission: to support Cambodian youth in expanding their opportunities.