About us


PEPY Empowering Youth is a Cambodia-based education and youth-leadership non-profit organization (LNGO).

Since we began, PEPY has represented different acronyms, but it has always embodied our vision and mission of improving the lives of young people through quality education.

Today, we are more than just what those letters stand for—PEPY Empowering Youth is who we are: passionate, transparent, and open.

Empowering Youth is what we do. We empower youth to pursue a bright future, improve the quality of their lives, and achieve their dream careers.

We are PEPY Empowering Youth.

The PEPY Empowering Youth founding team was inspired by the belief that education is the key to sustainable change. Through our education and community development programs, PEPY Empowering Youth has reached over 3,100 young people by working directly with government-funded schools, community members, and leaders in Chanleas Dai Commune, an area in northwest Cambodia. Dedicated local leaders, collaborations with other like-minded organizations, and private donations help us realize our mission: to support Cambodian youth in expanding their opportunities.

We do this by working with young people, investing time and resources to connect them with the skills, systems and inspiration necessary to achieve their goals, raise standards of living, and improve the quality of education in their communities.